This dedicated player is designed to play HD content day in and day out. It has been battle tested to deliver presentations with flawless performance. It plays back video at HD with 60 frames/sec and still has power left to spare and run other components. The device is ideal for small space installations. It has built in Watchdog to deliver uninterrupted playback all the time. Just plug the HDMI cable to HDMI screen and use the built in WIFI module or Ethernet cable to connect to the internet. It can locally cache all your resources, so it can operate even when the connection to the internet is lost with no interruption.



This is a powerful device with Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 desktop processor. Loaded with a Win10 OS which includes special enhancements such as blocking OS pop-ups, disable OS updates, removed unneeded services, registry tweaks and more; all to ensure the best performance. Lower power consumption still delivers highly demanding presentations even when powering two or three high definition screens. It is packed with hardware features such as BIOS vault technology, fast boot technology, Visual BIOS technology and Anti-Theft Technology. The reliable ultra fast mSata SSD drive guarantees the longevity of the player so you are truly getting the most bang for your buck.